Episode 32 – Port Charles – The Doomed Spin-off

This episode discusses the ABC soap opera, Port Charles, and its wild spin-off adventure. Port Charles was a spin-off of the beloved soap opera General Hospital. This episode discusses the challenging history for daytime soap opera spin-offs, and how that history had laid a difficult path for Port Charles to navigate. Through it all though, Port Charles would leave a legacy as one of the boldest and most unique shows in soap opera history. As Port Charles sought to stem the rising tide of the soap opera landscape, the show would indeed have one of the most jaw dropping pivots in TV history.  Ultimately Port Charles, the show that many hoped would usher in a new era of soap opera expansion, ended up being the doomed soap opera spin-off, but not without a lot of drama and incomparably zany storylines. As always, this episode includes audio excerpts and much more. Enjoy another trip down soap lane!

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