Episode 27 – Storyline Focus – All My Children’s Pine Valley Gaslighting – Part 1- 1988-1989

This episode spotlights one of the wildest storylines in All my Children history – the Pine Valley Gaslighting storyline! This is one of the most brilliantly written, as well as disturbing storylines in soap opera history. This is a story about when one’s hopes and dreams, encounter psychological manipulation, unmitigated deception and gaslighting at its most extreme. All My Children was one of the top soap operas of the 1980s, and it finished off the decade with a bang with this storyline; one that gripped the nation in late 1988 and throughout 1989. In Part 1 of the multi-part lookback at this storyline, I will discuss the foundational events of the storyline and the wild events that ensued. This episode also includes interesting and illuminating audio features. Enjoy another trip down soap lane!
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