Episode 24 – The Beginnings of Santa Barbara

This episode explores the beginnings of Santa Barbara. NBC’s Santa Barbara was one of the most well-known and iconic soap operas. It is a show of many contradictions – a show with one of the largest international followings in history but yet struggled in the ratings. A soap opera that lasted less than a decade, but yet won more Daytime Emmy’s for Best Soap Opera than soap operas that lasted for 3 or 4 decades. Indeed, Santa Barbara was the first to win the award 3 years in a row. This episode spotlights the creation of the show and its early storylines. This show had it all – tremendous drama, great personalities, great acting from great actors such as Robin Wright before she was on ‘The Princess Bride’ & ‘Forrest Gump’, and other phenomenal actors like Lane Davies, Jed Allen, A Martinez, Marcy Walker, to name just a few. As always, this episode includes audio excerpts, ratings time, and much more. Enjoy another trip down soap lane!
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