Episode 21 – General Hospital’s Luke and Laura – Part 3: 1980-1981

This episode spotlights the most famous couple in soap opera history, General Hospital’s Luke and Laura. Their storylines had saved a show on the verge of cancelation to now being the undisputed #1 daytime soap opera in the country. This episode (Part 3 of 3) focuses on the 1980-1981 period, as Luke and Laura help lead General Hospital to heights never experienced before or since; culminating in the most watched episode in daytime soap opera history. That day in November 1981, is one of the proudest days in soap opera history, as the genre had come a long way from its humble beginnings. General Hospital would gain such popularity that there was even a major celebrity cameo along the way. Once again Luke and Laura face many twists and turns. First in the Ice Princess saga, as Luke and Laura face their most dangerous challenge yet, then its subsequent aftermath and the legendary Luke and Laura wedding. This episode also includes interesting and illuminating audio features. Enjoy another trip down soap lane!
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